Yab and brie urlview doesn't work anymore

in yab and BRIE the link to html and / or email doesen’t work anymore.
Both used URLView and its seems that the error is between hrev53353 and 53538. Can anyone help.

In brie you can found the error in the about window. there is a lot off other Bug, but this ins’t the topic.

In yab we use the texturl command.

regards lorglas

This is a quite wide revision range (more than 200 revisions). It owuld help a lot if you could binary search by trying older nightlies (something around 53450, then either 53500 or 53400, etc). With just 3 tries you would get a range of about 25 commits instead of 200, then it is more likely that we can identify the problematic one.

My guess is hrev53446 messed us up.

See: https://github.com/bbjimmy/YAB/issues/10 our URLView needs to be fixed.

The issue for yab is fixed with this commit: https://github.com/bbjimmy/YAB/commit/224fab2ea1e37021f654854e5d0087ca15ccb110