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I want to contribute into the Haiku project, especially the XFS part. I’m pretty solid with C, C++, and data structures. Right now, I’m diving deep into the Haiku API and XFS docs, even checking out the XFS read support documentation. But, I’m kind of stuck on how to jump into the codebase and actually submit a patch. Any suggestions or pointers would be awesome!


For all my modern-day (granted, rather small) contributions, I’ve just followed the following instructions.

If you have more specific questions, please do not hesitate to ask, either here, or on the IRC channel (just keep in mind that we all live in different time-zones, speak different languages, and all that jazz).

Thanks a bunch for taking interest on working on Haiku!



What is the current state of your work? Did you compile and test Haiku? Did you try to build and run the xfs_shell test tool? Did you find the sourcecode for XFS and for xfs_shell?

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I have successfully compiled and tested Haiku, and I have also identified the source code repositories for both XFS and XFS shell within the Haiku codebase. As of my current understanding, the process of compiling and running the XFS test tool remains pending.

Did you read the documentation at Filesystem drivers — Haiku internals documentation ?

In particular, the “Testing the XFS filesystem” chapter should cover this.

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No i haven’t gone through them until now but i will definitely go through them properly. thank you for the help

I have reviewed the documentation provided and have achieved successful compilation of the XFS shell on my Ubuntu Linux environment using the Jamfile. Presently, I am engrossed in studying the recommended documentation(XFS_Filesystem_structure) alongside the source code of the XFS implementation within the Haiku operating system. I have attached some screenshots. I welcome any suggestions or guidance you may offer.


Ahoy @Pryanshu,

Welcome and really thank you for your interest in Haiku enhancement and offered XFS development !..

Besides the filesystem itself, it would be useful if the one and only filesystem tool - DriveSetup - would be enhanced to to use available filesystems.

So for my side I am not a developer, so I cannot give you advice regarding XFS development, but you may start a conversation with
@Mashijams - the GSOC 2022 contributor who leaped a lot with XFS suppoirt last time.

You can read the blog ithems of Mashijams - here

I assume if you first polish XFS reading support full and complete, plus “bugfree” it would be a shining, good stepping. ;-))