Xfce4-panel mods to look like feather menu?

My dual boot system has Haiku running on the one side, and I have Void Linux XFCE running on the other side. I was thinking that it would be cool to rice XFCE to look like Haiku. Has anyone tried this?

Long time ago there was ZevenOS, which modified Xfce DE to look like BeOS:

Maybe you can find somewhere an old copy of them and apply there modifications to modern Xfce desktop.

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The distro that did just that is called zevenOS (not maintained anymore).

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Yes, Zeven OS was nice distro and once 5 years back pulled the theme on xfce, it would be great to have a universal package and instructions how to do it.

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check it out on github. ZevenOS · GitHub


It looks like a modified Stalonetray was used, rather than modifying the xfce4-panel…