Xen Hypervisor and Haiku OS

Hello Folks,
I want to porting the Xen Hypervisor to the Haiku and I have two questions:
1- Any Haiku developers willing to collaborate?
2- Is it possible? I mean, does Haiku have everything Xen needs?

Thank you.

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Are you talking about the parts that would make Haiku work as a DomO for xen?

Porting Xen to Haiku doesn’t make sense, Xen is a hypervisor that runs above an OS, not in it. Do you want to use Haiku as the cobtrolling OS or as a normal guest? If it is a normal guest maybe not that much is required.


Thanks for your reply.
Yes, As Dom0. Why it doesn’t make sense?

You would port Haiku to Xen, not Xen to Haiku, if that makes sense :slight_smile:

I’m not sure what stuff is required to operate as Dom0 or if anything for that is already in Haiku

I want to compile and install Xen on the Haiku.

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Haiku currently doesn’t have any hardware virtualization support, so that’s probably one missing thing at least. I expect XEN is somewhat tied to Linux? We don’t have the Linux kernel so probably some changes will be needed both on Haiku and XEN side. But I’m not very familiar with how this is supposed to work, so I can’t say much more.