X11 support for Haiku

I’m not sure that’s a good idea. It’s weird, buggy and pointless stuff.
But it works.


Thanks. I managed to make it working for me (32 bit, gcc4+). But I needed to add path to xorg-macros to every autogen.sh because macros directory is packagefs managed and read only (I don’t know much how Autotools work and how to deal with it). Also I needed to create symlink for libXaw.so.7 because it is only present in develop directory.

Surprisingly many X11 libraries are already present in HaikuPorts.



As a long-term Gentoo Linux and OmniOS user, I vote against.

For one thing, even *nix is moving from creaky old insecure X now, towards Wayland. Whilst X will likely be around for decades, just like FORTRAN and COBOL, it will be an historical curiosity. X is clever technology but it just doesn’t fit the modern computing scene. By the time any X server implementation were written and ready, X will be even less relevant than it is today. Let it go. Move on.

To render a Wayland desktop, you need only an RDP client.

You actually need a wayland server, since wayland is a protocol.
If you use a RDP client it doesn’t really matter to us if the other end is X11 or wayland, so no difference there.

OpenBSD still has their X11 server in base, for the other BSD’s they don’t seem too eager to “switch” and both will likely be supported for years to come, some linux distros are trying to push wayland, but even picking the latest ubuntu LTS still gets you X11.

A lot of the “X11 is insecure” stuff refers to vague stuff like apps beeing able to read the clipboard, capture the entire screen… which you can do just fine with our app_server, so dunno if we are “secure” by that metric either.
I’d be more concerned that X11 has deadlocks in the protocol you can trigger or so, if a user gets that accidentally that is extremely frustrating.

In any case, haiku needs neither X11 or wayland. Maybe once we have a gui frontend for remote desktops we will add an option for whatever protocol for that is popular in linux then, but even then we likely don’t need to understand anything of wayland.

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No one knows very well how autotools work ))




Rootless mode! Now that is actually much nicer. I guess if we have to deal with X11 for now it may not be as bad if we at least are using rootless mode.


Some of us have been keeping tracks on some of the labraries (as some are used in recipes), but have to say I didn’t look into them for a long time now, so probably lots are outdated? :wink:

They are outdated in general, so don’t worry :slight_smile:


How have you got the X11 libs to work ?
when I compile a X11 app, set the DISPLAY environment variable to the Address of my X11 server and run it, I get the error:
XIO: fatal IO error -2147454933 Operation not supported