X11 support for Haiku

Great stuff man! Is it in ports now?

Not yet. I just fixed the keyboard mapping.
I’m not sure if having an X-server would be appropriate in haikuports.
What do you think?


I think it would help to get people running Haiku like they want. So if they want a X11 app, they can just have it. So yes. For a rare reason it could be also interesting for me too.

I think it might be for connecting to remote X11 servers, but for the case of porting apps to run on it i doubt it.

If we can give the users the possability to run gimp on haiku, we should have them on haiku.

Can yon explain, in short words, how to get x11, how to install and set up, and how to get and insall gimp on it. Would be fine to have a tutorial on besly.

I think it should not available trough HaikuPorts.
X11 is a huge mess, it is an old version probably with serious security problems, and it would only motivate the users to run gimp and other low quality ports of alien programs.
If you need an X server you could use a java based one. This was always possible.

So probably nobody needs it, but many wants it, it is something real unixy, it allows to run alien programs, can’t integrate in the system: we should ban it.

gimp is gtk, so running it would require a whole set of “shadow” libs and framework (and gtk is a really disgusting ugly thing), but they would work only trough x11. Their existence would make problems at porting things, configure would always pick up x11. So we should definetely stop this before it begins.


I agree. The only sensible point to use it is a remote connection.
Therefore, I will publish X11 to my personal repository. If someone really needs it, they can download it from there.


I would use http://www.jcraft.com/weirdx/ instead.
I was able to get firefox show up with it on Haiku channeled trugh ssh-x.
It should be enough for OP and for everybody arguing pro x11. You guys just never made your homework, but demanding pointless ports with nonsense reasons.


I voting for adding X-server to HaikuPorts. It is user freedom do decide use software or not. More software available for installation is better. I am against purity concept that some unwanted software exist, it is user choice.

It is not installed by default, there are no harm caused by it.

One of use-cases is initial Wine porting before native native Haiku driver will be written. It will help to debug Wine and ensure that it is working properly.


It is written in Java and it is probably slower than X.Org. Also it likely have compatibility problems.

Oh, yeah. There’s a lot of compatibility problems. I used WeirdX back in the BeOS days, together with PersonalJava.

Where do I find your personal repository. Also do you have maybe a little blog article about it, that others can find it also?

Just to be clear, my like for this comment was for suggesting WeirdX, not to support the other statement that was edited in later on

I made a mistake again then.

I am just completely disgusted by what *nixes became, i am strongly in opposition against gnu and linux, all of them made so much harm which i cant forgive. They are “good enough” to be a roadblock in innovation, they stopped the way-searching / experimenting how a desktop OS should work, and in the meantime desktop became obsolate and we still dont achaived the peak performance. And maybe it is already late. I blame linux and gnu for this.
Because this reasons i am also opposed to introduce more unixism than necessary into Haiku.

Just look at the comment from @lelldorin : is it really the Haiku way if we have to write a tutorial how to start a gui program? Because it is not intuitive, most of the Haiku users (not devs) probably never had to start x server manually. They wont be able to do that without a tutorial. We can definetely create a wrapper script with nice icon, wich spawns an x server and starts the program. A hack on a hack, just like linux.

But you have right, WeirdX have compatibility problems, it crashed all the time for me too.

I just cant see the point in all of this convoluted stuff to being able to say gimp runs on Haiku, we are big boys now. Who cares.
Maybe i am a bit like Theo, if i cant do something right, then i dont do it at all.
Probably i should have some rest.

Sorry, if my edited comment made a misunderstanding. I will stop doing that in the future.


And it not just x11, getting gimp to work would mean lets package

  • x11
  • x fonts
  • icon packs
  • cursors
  • gtk and its deps
  • and whatever it needs
    This is an ugly mess, we should seriously think about if it is rational. Because this is a flooding gate, we cant close it later.

And even if do all of this gimp would be still an alien on Haiku.

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This is an interesting point. I guess the packages that are provided into Haikuports must have some kind of “support” from the community. In this way, if some port is considerated “not supported” (by any reason: because not following the guidelines, incompatibility, lack of integration, wathever),makes sense to not have it included.

I guess the problem is we try to get everything under the HaikuPorts umbrella. In this point I strong support the existence of alternative repos, where the repo owner could make his own rules, and the users could choose if they stick to the “official” repo, of if he like to do some experimentation, could access to “unofficial” packages, without mixing everything in the same bag.

PD: sorry in advance if my english is a bit crude. :slightly_smiling_face:


My repo - http://haikuware.ru
But X11 not packaged and not uploaded yet

  1. I does not know thst it is a gui program.
  2. If you have haiku specific tutorials around, displayed by searching, this makes haiku present
  3. Not ever gui app are self explaining
  4. The most haiku apps are without docs



Can be this a better candidate? https://github.com/ghaerr/microwindows