X Server?

I know Haiku doesn’t use X server but is there any kind of compatibility wrapper like cygwin on windows?

haiku has most posix compatablity anyway far more than windows… as far as that goes it uses bash as its shell.

If you want xorg try installing TiltOS packages I don’t know if the packages are of good quality but thats the only build of X I have seen recently… they are not built by the haiku team but by a 3rd party I think he built it as a stepping stone to porting software like OpenOffice.org to haiku.

FYI cygwin on windows is a slow piece of crap :stuck_out_tongue: you’d be better off using cooperative linux or something. I build X and XMMS in cygiwn (yeah I am that crazy…) and was getting 486 like execution speeds for no reason so yeah I am not fond of cygwin… mingw is pretty neat for building native apps for winodows though.

I’m not necessarily fond of Cygwin either but it does have an X server that runs on top of Windows. And I was actually wondering about X as a stepping stone to porting software to haiku as well. Guess I should have clarified but that is why I posted under development instead of general. Also I suppose the X server included with Mac OS would have been a better example.

Thanks for the response though I didn’t know about tiltOS

Also as far as X being super slow my best guess is that the port of X still functions more or less like standard X and as such is designed to run in Kernel mode the one in Cygwin however is user mode so more than likely if the above is accurate then it is probably over using expensive calls that require “Gating”. That’s just a stab in the dark guess though.

You could try running the X11 server for BeOS available here:


I wasn’t referring to X itself but rather cygwin as a whole is dog slow or it was on win7 for me anyway… maybe I was doing something wrong.

With regards to the X server, the one on TiltOS works just like a new desktop in a BWindow. What we would need, if possible, as you say, is a wrapper that can call the native Haiku API through a library. On the plus side, an X server would vastly speed porting apps, but on the down side, may reduce the number of native applications being made, and is more clutter.

Anyone want to look into get Xbeosnative to work on Haiku?


Also windows has a great tool called Xming: http://sourceforge.net/projects/xming/

Would be great if it could work on Haiku.

Xsdl is the server on tilt-os, but xsdl as far as I can tell is no longer supported/developed.


Xming looks interesting.

As for having an X server reducing native applications That hasn’t been the case for MacOS.

Please tell me again why you want to run X on Haiku?

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