Writing bootman to usb stick?

hi everyone
after installing haiku to a partition on a usb stick i tried to write bootman to /dev/disk/usb/0/0/raw but bootman wouldn’t give this option,it only sees the HD,so is there a way to workaround this shortcoming from bootman.
ps:i do not want to use “dd” to install haiku because it takes up the hole space,and i want to save some of it for additional software.

It seems you are confusing bootman with makebootable. bootman allows one to chose the partition to boot from. The Haiku version only sees the partitions on the first hard disk. makebootable is used to make the partition bootable.This is normally executed by the installer. It is also found under the tools menu of the installer:

Write boot sector to ‘partitionname’

This is what needs to be on the usb stick.

Makebootable can also be found here:


no i’m not confusing or anything,in fact i need to make the usb stick bootable,that is write an MBR to the raw device, like the one that comes with the “anyboot.image”.
makebootable will only write the bootsec to the partition,but won’t make the stick bootable.
but as bootman “doesn’t know” how to write an MBR to another raw device rather than the one attached to the ide on my machine,i need another way to do that.
but thanks for replying anyway.

dd’ing an anyboot image doesn’t take up all the space, only so much as it takes to fit in.
You could “dd” an anyboot to the USB stick and create another partition - maybe with a little safety distance to the Haiku-(any)boot partition - after that. Shouldn’t this partition be preserved unless an updated anyboot image grows in size and overwrites part of this second partition? Never tried that, however…


This may work.

  1. use liveCD (or Haiku off HD partition)
  2. boot into safe-mode
  3. tell Haiku to boot the OS from USB stick
  4. check you booted from USB stick by checking volume size
  5. run bootman

bootman installs to MBR of drive Haiku is running off of. You need to run Haiku from USB stick partition to install bootman to USB stick. Run from HD partition if you want to install bootman to HD.