Writing 32bit and 64bit images to usb disk

It is just a remark. Whe writing Haiku images to an USB disk with win32diskimager under windows, I don’t have any issues with the 32bit architecture, whereas under 64bit, at 99% I always have a mistake. I can still install though, that’s why I just say it is a remark and something not that important I think

I see, maybe that has to do with the zip file. I encounter an Unexpected end of data for the 64 bit version and that for some time now. Is it normal?

No, it isn’t. Where does the error come from?

I have tried with the latest image haiku-master-hrev53159-x86_64-anyboot . I already verified the checksum and it is correct. The Chinese message should be that reading has been refused/not been possible. I have been using Win32 Disk Imager for many years without any issues. It used to work with the 64 bit version of haiku too up to one version…I forgot which one. However the install is still working. I am just reporting that mistake because I think it is not “clean”. Maybe it does not worth the time checking the origin of this problem as it works correctly.

This should be reported to the Win32 disk imager team. Not sure what they try to do, but for them the ISO should just be a plain file.

Maybe our filesize is not a multiple of 2048 bytes (CD-Rom sectors) and that confuses it?

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Maybe. I don’t think it worth spending too much time on it. I was just curious. The 32-bit image has no issue though, but maybe the image size is different.