Would Like a New Wallpaper With Haiku Logo

Is there an easy way to superimpose the ‘Haiku’ logo over a new wallpaper/background…don’t want to lose the logo but want a bit more colour than Windows blue!

I don’t think there is any way to do this with Haiku’s background settings, however you could download the logo from Haiku’s website and make your own wallpaper by superimposing it with your picture using software like GIMP or Inkscape.

Thanks Undo, you are probably right…I searched thru the forum with no luck

I forgot to mention this in my original reply, but you can file a request for this feature to be added at https://dev.haiku-os.org.

You mean something like this? Granted, it’s the leaf but still is a logo. I always think of the blue as a BeOS or OS X blue, btw. :smiley: But I can see where it’d be a Win 2k/Server color too. All in a matter of perspective, I guess.


Yes, that sort of thing…I have nothing against Windows or BEos, don’t get me wrong…I just like my wallpapers a bit more colourful,

I also like to aknowledge the work done by the devlopers so I like to see an identity logo on the backgroud.

The background GUI hinted that it may be easy to do but I couldn’t find a way!

Thanks for the heads up…will follow that upmThanks

I’ll also add to my earlier post that while you can’t layer a logo over a wallpaper like Gnome Shell can do in Fedora, you can use the various drawing tools like WonderBrush in Haiku to create new backgrounds and add the Haiku logo as a layer.

Something motre liks this:

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…yes, BBJ, something like that…that logo on top my photo or selection.

…are you able to tell me how;)

If you only have a couple of backgrounds that you intend to use, why not just get one of the “* on transparent” Haiku logos from https://git.haiku-os.org/haiku/tree/data/artwork and put that on top of your image. Any basic graphics editor, certainly ArtPaint, Becasso and Wonderbrush, will do.

An alternative is to use one of those Haiku logos with “OverlayImage” from the Demos in the Deskbar. With it you can place the logo as a Replicant anywhere on the Desktop. Might be useful if you change background images regularly.


  • The area occupied by a Replicant is “dead”, i.e. you cannot put any icons on the Desktop there.
  • The logo-Replicant will appear at the same position on every workspace. If you use different backgrounds for different workspaces, the position might not be ideal for every background image.
  • The logo-Replicant’s coordinates are absolute, which may spoil the fun if you’re using different screen resolutions. But I think only few people do that today and rather use the same native panel resolution on all workspaces.

Many thanks for your advice…will try it as soon as possible…should work

This could be integrated in the Background preflet…

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Didn’t even think about the Replicant part! Yeah, that’d answer his question!

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IMO a feature to superimpose another image onto a background image would be only used by very, very few people. Most opting to use a graphics editor for 10 seconds or going the geeky Replicant route.
Complicating the Backgrouds prefs’ interface doesn’ t seem worth it.

I’d rather have a cycle-thru-background-image-folder feature. :slight_smile:

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It would be a feature unique to Haiku, and with proper marketing (cool examples) it would be used by more users. And the good thing is, it’s not hard to implement technically - is it?

Not in my opinion. Why stop at compositing with one image? Could be an arbitrary number. Why not text and effect filters?
Before you know it, you have a graphics editor in the Backgrounds prefs… :slight_smile:

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That’s exaggerating, sorry.

The smiley should’ve hinted at that.


Thanks for all the help, practical and philosophical, but I must admit my primary interest has reverted to ‘browsers’…Webpositive,Otter. & Qupzilla seem to stumble a bit…I find I tend to do things in another OS, such as search and save ‘Backgrounds’, then in some way introduce them to Haiku for additional work.

…gets to be a challenge!