Worms Armageddon working in Haiku

I got Worms Armageddon to work with the latest nightly build.
First download Worms Armageddon from here:


Next download this patch:


Extract both achives and copy the WA-fix folder into the WA folder (where the game resides). Now fire up a Termina window and cd to the WA-fix folder and do a

$ ./fix.sh

This will apply the patch that will get the game working in Haiku. Agree to the message windows then, after the patch has been applied, from the same Terminal window do a

$ cd .. 
$ ./PlayWorms.sh

The game runs without sound but other than that it’s playable. Trying to make the game fullscreen from the options menu will result in a crash though,


PS: here’s a screenshot of the game running on rev47380-x86gcc2hybrid on my EeePC 701:

Wow! Good job.

I also made a YouTube video with the game running in one of the latest nightly builds:

Don’t see the screenshot unfortunately.