Worldwide Online Newton Conference

The second session of the »Worldwide Online Newton Conference« starts today at 16:00 UTC.
Exciting for everyone who thinks the Newton is the “failed” predecessor of the iPad or maybe doesn’t even know it. And in a sense, BeOS and Newton OS share a few things in common.

(Yesterday’s highlight was Steve Wozniak, who during the break exchanged ideas with a teenager about the advantages of different gameboy editions :slight_smile:


Steve Sakoman, the “father” of Newton, was also the co-founder of Be Inc, the developer of original Hobbit-based BeBox & served as CTO/COO. So indeed they share a lot :slight_smile:


Oh, I didn’t know that.
(But obviously guessed it :slight_smile: )

I got to go to WWDC in 1997… I could throttle my younger self for not buying one of the last of the Newtons.

(Except that I was double charged for WWDC, and had US$9 to my name - which was a little scary.

Apple fixed the problem, but only after I left the US)

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If you want to indulge in memories, the group is more active than ever and their participants are very entertaining and friendly.