World's Fastest Haiku Server

I claim the right to having the World’s Fastest Haiku Server!
It is a SuperMicro X8DTL motherboard with 2 Xeon X5680, each with 6 cores@3.33 GHz, for a total of 12 real cores, and 24 hyperthreaded cores. What is it good for? Right now it runs BeTracer for quick ray tracing.

I bought the PC for $100 $US and the 2 Xeon’s for another $100 on eBay.


Nope, my Atom netbook is the fastest!

Gratulation for your success, it would be a Monster BuildBot…
Can you maybe measure, how long it takes to build a haiku image on that nuclear power plant?


My day jobs give me access some pretty serious metal. (Sysadmin) I booted Haiku on a 48-core server once. It went well, but the CPU replicant wasn’t happy.

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any benchmarks ? Haiku vs X (linux,bsd…)

I think it’s fantastic, that has to fly.

Kallisti, Can you boot that system, take a screen shot, and post details? Than you can claim the title :slight_smile:

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Nice screenshot!

My workstation is > than this, but I haven’t tried to boot haiku on it for a while (used to have USB3 issues, but some stuff happened recently that may have fixed that).