Workspaces proposal: push a window in another WS

Hi, I’m a big fan of how workspaces were implemented in BeOS and how they are implemented in haiku, especially with the keystroke that allows you to move with little effort, but I was wondering if this idea could improve it

at the moment you can change the workspace with Alt+ctrl+arrow keys, by moving in the workspace grid and also holding down Shift you can take the focused window with you.

but what about if you hold down another keystroke, like Ctrl+opt+alt+arrow key, to move the window to an adjacent workspace, in order to make room from the current workspace, but without moving from it?


Generally not a bad idea. For the extreme power user…
There comes a time when a keycombo requires such finger-gymnastics that it becomes painful. :slight_smile:

If implemented, we mustn’t forget to extend the alternative ALT+Fx combo.

And while at it, why not add another modifier key to move the whole app with all its windows to another workspace (should work similar when using the Workspaces applet, ofc). :slight_smile:


How about right click on the app title and choose Send to Workspace ? Maybe two options, one to send and stay in the workspace where you are, and another to send and go with the app to the other workspace.

As someone who likes the “menu-free” title tab, an alternative to right-clicking on the app title on the window would be to add the “Send to Workspace” to the Deskbar. The Deskbar already has window controls for “Hide all”, “Show all”, “Close all”. The “Send to Workspace” menu could be added to the “App Group” to move all the apps and the menu could be added to each window item in the App Group for that specific window.

Then comes “Window Groups”. Keeping the current behavior of dragging the entire Window Group in the Workspace window would be good. However, using a menu to move a window to another workspace which causes many windows to move as well may be confusing and/or surprising to some people, at least initially.