Workspaces Crash

I’ve set up four Workspaces in the Deskbar. When I click on one of them other than the first one, the system crashes.

How does it crash exactly? Is it a KDL, does app_server crash?
Maybe the other workspaces aren’t set up correctly. Try opening the Screen preferences and set resolution etc. with the popup menu at the top right showing “All workspaces”.
If that doesn’t fix it, we need more details (for the bug report at Trac).

When I click on any other workspace, the screen goes black and the system freezes.
What is KDL?

KDL stands for “Kernel Debugging Land”. It’s what pops up when the entire system crashes.

How nice it must be not to know what KDL means! It says a lot for the stability of Haiku in recent times.


Go in preferences → screen
Reapply the current video mode to all workspaces

In some cases, newly added workspaces get an uninitalized video mode and they don’t work. Please open a bugreport at about this.

Yes, I also find it very-very stable (64bit) :slight_smile:

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My Haiku beta 2 64bit works stable too and I only read that there is a “KDL”. Not seen yet here. :smiley: