"Works for gmail, youtube...."

In Adrian’s last blog post he makes the statement… (https://www.haiku-os.org/blog/pulkomandy/2015-02-18_end_contract_closing_words)

“Works for gmail, youtube, facebook, and many other websites.”

I will have to disagree(excluding Facebook - this one is ok, not good but ok. I have nothing but issues with these sites (Youtube, Gmail), to the point that I can’t use either one. But I don’t see anyone else saying anything so I wonder if it is just me.

Youtube: Site loads, can’t log in. Video plays but is choppy most of the time. On more then one occasion I have had Haiku lock up on me while playing a video on youtube. The entire OS will stop responding, no key combinations will work, just audio keeps playing. I have to remove the battery from the laptop to reboot.

Gmail: I can now login, this is an improvment. But after about 2 seconds the search area at the top of the screen will vanish, then gmail goes back and reloads, it will do this over and over and over. or, will will go to some white page with “Document has been moved here.” on it. Either way I can’t actually use gmail.

So are these just known problems, or am I unique with these issues. Before someone says to just log a ticket, please understand that I have stability issues with Webpositive that I assumed were just due to it being at an unstable development stage. If I logged every problem and Webpositive crash I have had in the last 60min. I would have logged over 10 new tickets.

So while it is better then it has ever been for me. I would not call it really useable. I don’t know if this is just the way it is right now, or am I have issues no one else is??

No matter how many tickets you create, this is how haiku development progresses. Without the issues being logged no developer knows they exist. I suggest you log all problems as it is far easier to merge duplicate tickets than to read through forum posts to find the relevant problems. https://dev.haiku-os.org/

I was a bit optimistic in that comment it seems. While my test builds of WebKit and the HaikuLauncher browser works great with gmail, the release version has problems. It’s been this way for some time and I can’t find why it is so.

Youtube, however, will work rather well here. There is some frameskipping on the video (this is a performance problem in one of the new app_server features) but it can play for about 2 hours without a crash here - after that it will run out of memory because of the hacks to implement streaming support, which is not done the correct way in Media Kit.

So, it's still not perfect. I can't test everything myself so the bug reports are appreciated, even if there are dozens. Just try to search for similar reports to avoid posting the same issue twice.

Even if it is "just you", it is worth a bug report. Things should never be allowd to crash, and users must not accept this. However "experimental" the OS is, if no one reports the issues there is no chance to get them fixed.

No you are not the only one finding bugs in at least youtube. I don’t use Haiku in the other websites you mentioned. Here is one bug I reported, in case you came across it too.
Another bug I reported concerned WebPositive crashing when youtube home page loaded. I found after that it was caused by something with the WebPositive settings, from many updates of Haiku versions. I deleted WebPositve settings and the home page did not crash WebPositive. It might have only been the accumulated data and not the settings. I’m not certain.
Anyway if you have the same you can take them off your list and maybe add something to those bugs.

Yes I confirmed that facebook and gmail wont load for me either, plus another page I go to: www.jpl.nasa.gov
It seems WebPositive is broken ATM. I also tried updating to latest version hrev48826 gcc4 and with me Webpositive is still at HaikuWebKit 1.4.9
WebKit 601.1.16.
I don’t understand why it is not webkit 1.4.10. Is that only with gcc2?

Only x86 GCC2 hybrids are officially supported (not GCC2, GCC4, GCC4 hybrids or x86_64).

Ok, so I am not alone. That makes me feel better. Ok, logging tickets… I have a dumb question. How do I take a screen shot in Haiku??

Hit the “PrtScn” button to bring up the screenshot dialog. It’s that easy. No need to use “paint” or some such app as in Windows.

“Webpositive is still at HaikuWebKit 1.4.9”

I noticed that as well. But when you check the installed version in HaikuDepot it is in fact 1.4.10. Adrien must have forgot to change the version number in the “About” dialog.

Yes, I forgot to update the version in the About Dialog for 1.4.10. But the gcc4 versions of Haiku are really still at 1.4.9 until someone packages 1.4.10.

webpositive in beta3 now sadly breaks on youtube due to youtubes way of sending you commercials.

i have experiences this every 3-4 video playing, when youtube injects you with at least one ad. about 80% to the end of the ad (mostly on the non-skippable ones…) the website hangs and webpositive crashes.

webpositive seems to have problems with alot of the more javascript heavy modern websites, github.com leads to high loads, if i have more than 3 tabs open with the recommended specs given by haiku, the browser also becomes very slippery and starts crashing alot.

nother thing i noticed: not all tabs have titles, i.e. the haiku software design guidelines are lacking a title on the tab.

would an increase in ram help the stability? i am not so sure… i have tried to increase the 2048 megabytes to 4096 megabytes and it still kept on crashing.

i am using the current x64 iso image for install, running inside a kvm/qemu setup configured via virt-manager. ive tried to use the default haikunightly and the default haikubeta templates offered by virt-manager. always with the current softwareupdates installed (as of today, 29.07.2021)

the host is an ubuntu 20.04 with the latest updates applied, core i4 cpu, 64bits of course. host machine has 64gigs of ram. disk to hold the qcow2 image file is a sataIII one

any tips or tricks that you guys might have are highly appreciated, thanks in advance.

You replied to a 6 year old topic.

for youtube i would recommend to install qmplay2 from HaikuDepot and watch videos there.

Increasing RAM is unlikely to help, since ressource exhaustion is unlikely to be the problem.

For the crashes please open tickets so we can investigate them on https://dev.haiku-os.org , thanks!


I think he searched for relevant topics and added on to them rather than make a new thread which seems okay to me.

PulkoMandy mentioned streaming in the Media Kit consumes memory and it keeps increasing and unfortunately I don’t know if that has been fixed. At least it was that way last time I looked. It needs to switch to BMemoryRingIO which apparently is still in review after more than a year :frowning:


I only mentioned this since the info above night not be that relevant anymore.

Anyhow, it was mentioned that opening three tabs causes instability and crashing, which to me doesn’t sound directly related to media streaming resource exhaustion, but sou are right in that it could be.

Welcome @oleitner! im only having errors in webpositive with youtube after a long period of playing videos… github works ok for me (im on real hardware).

With youtube you can use otter browser or qmplay2, find both in haikudepot.

No, situation is still the same there.

a little update from me…
since that happened, i changed this:

  1. instead of using qemu qxl gfx, i am now using virtio-gpu w/o virgl support (3d checkbox on virtio, but not enabled not enabled opengl checkbox on spice…) which brings me to software renderer, it looks as good (or bad) as with qxl.

  2. put webpositive youtube and playback on autoselect for about ~8 hours (all with 2gigs)


  1. crashes are gone ever since i went with virtio instead of qxl.
  2. ram consumption spikes around ~1500 megs, which is well within your requirements.

i have another test currently going, ive upped the ram to 4 gigs on the guest, i will be able to tell if it increases or does something in a day or two…

sidenotes: the switch from videos to commercials back to videos still takes about half a minute per “switch”. and longer videos might hang up mid-play (music albums, mostly the ones that are single videos…) but it no longer crashes the browser.

also cannot make the video fullscreen (probably because im on software rendering…) the youtube fullscreen square is simply greyed out (might also be, that google does not recognize your browser fingerprint)

It’s because WebPositive does not implement fullscreen support yet. Google properly detects this and disables the button accordingly.

It is one of the things that should not be too hard to add to HaikuWebKit but no one has contributed a patch yet.

Basically there is one config option to enable, and then a few functions to implement.


And this is good in some cases. It is annoying for me when I try to stop video by clicking to it, but it become fullscreen instead because double click is detected. It should be possible to disable fullscreen API like in Firefox.