Working jabber client?


is there a working jabber client on Haiku? None of the one I tried from haikuware or bebits seems to work.

The one that comes to mind is IM Kit, which is maintained here:

Unfortunately, it seems they don’t currently have any downloads available, so you would probably have to search for a recent pre-built version for Haiku, or build one yourself.

or Jabber For Haiku:

I found this jabber4haiku/beos there: (link from the haikufire website)

But it doesn’t start:

~/Desktop/divers/jabber4haiku> ./JabberForHaiku
runtime_loader: /boot/home/Desktop/divers/jabber4haiku/JabberForHaiku: Could not resolve symbol 'Alignment__5BView’
resolve symbol “Alignment__5BView” returned: -2147478780
runtime_loader: /boot/home/Desktop/divers/jabber4haiku/JabberForHaiku: Troubles relocating: Symbol not found

Fortunately, the direct d/l on haikufire gave a working binary. Thank you!

ps: For imkit, I tried to build it, but the compilation got some errors so nothing was built:
/boot/home/tmp/trunk/trunk/common/clv_haiku/ColumnTypes.h:16: ColumnListView.h: No such file or directory

Yeah, I had to make a few modifications to get that Jabber client to compile. There is a bug with jabber4beos about it.

–Alexander von Gluck