WLAN support of Intel Centrino Advanced-N 6235

Hello everyone,

Does anyone run successfully the subject’s WLAN card (see Intel’s site)?
It should be supported by the FreeBSD driver and therefore work under Haiku, but I’d appreciate a real-world confirmation.

Regards, Humdinger

It should be, as support was originally added here:


It was re-added back over time as the FreeBSD compatibility layer was updated as well.

Coincidentally, I just bought one off of Newegg since the Intel 7260 in my System76 Galago UltraPro likely won't be supported in FreeBSD for some time. I was going to try to mess around to see if I could get it working, but ultimately decided spending the 30 dollars on the 6235 would probably be a better investment of my time. :)

I probably won't get the 6235 installed until the middle of next week sometime, but I will let you know if it works...assuming the BIOS doesn't have whitelist restrictions, that is.

Oh yeah, and some more closing information...

I have no idea if the one I'll be getting is device ID 088e or 088f, but at least the 088e should be supported in Haiku.

Humdinger I have that adapter in my laptop… it works as well as can be expected I guess. Works well in Linux and Windows. I could send you a kernel log of what it looks like when paired with my router if you like… I think there are a few bugs in the Haiku driver but it mostly works For instance I if fiddle with the network settings much it hoses up the network and I have to reboot before it works again…but if I am nice to it it seems to work ok. I haven’t tried with a WPA2 connection but I imagine that works as well.

And yes it is a 088e.

Thanks John and cb88!
No need for the log, cb88. WLAN seems to be a bit finicky in Haiku in general. I did see issues with my intel 3945 from time to time, too. Best not to touch the network preferences and delete /system/settings/network/wireless_networks if that got created at any point…

This is great news indeed! Now the only uncertainty for my new notebook are the onboard-graphics Intel HD 4600 (should work, I guess) and the unknown sound chipset.

Thanks, guys!

I don't know who "John" is, but he's probably a cool guy! ;)

Seriously though, I will let you know what happens when I throw the card in my laptop. Hopefully it works out of the box (or requires a one line edit to add a device ID), and then I can call it a day.

With respect to the 4600 graphics, I'm not sure if that will be covered by the Intel Extreme driver or not. I know my Iris Pro 5200 isn't, but it works in full 1080p resolution in VESA, so I don't say I particularly mind at all at the moment. If it was running at 640 x 480 or something though, I wouldn't be a happy camper.

I'll be sure to send a post update next week when I get the card, but it will probably just work assuming the BIOS doesn't have a fit. If it ends up being the 088f and I get it working by just adding the device ID, I'll be sure to commit that fix as well.

Scusi, Giuseppe! :slight_smile:
It’s of course all your fault. You’ve been laying low for too long…

I’ll report back too, once I have my new machine. That may take a bit longer though.


humdinger wrote:

Scusi, Giuseppe! :-)

It's of course all your fault. You've been laying low for too long...

I know. I have a bad habit of doing that. Work is especially biting hard into my spare time, unfortunately. I plan to spend some time with Haiku this weekend though, that's for sure. :)

My 6235 just shipped a little bit ago, so with any luck, I should get it by Tuesday or so, after which I will install/test it. We'll see how it goes!

Okay, I got the new card installed and it works quite well. I am actually typing this message in Web+ via a wireless connection right now, which is nice. :) Like my other PC that runs Haiku and has wireless (via some sort of Atheros card), it hates my Asus RT-NI6 router running Tomato and refuses to connect to it. It just gets stuck in a loop asking for the password over and over again. The 6235 works fine connecting to my cell phone or the Netgear WNR1000 router I have here though.

The device I bought is a 088e, so maybe the 088f is a rare breed. I won't add its device ID to our driver just in case it is incompatible in some way.

[quote=humdinger]Thanks John and cb88!
This is great news indeed! Now the only uncertainty for my new notebook are the onboard-graphics Intel HD 4600 (should work, I guess) and the unknown sound chipset.

Intel HD 4600 doesn’t work yet.

Schuss, Jerome

That means, it still works in VESA mode, right? Hope it does so in 1920x1080…

Treffer! :slight_smile:


The 6235 does work indeed! More info in this thread.