WLAN Master Thesis Published | Haiku Project

In 2010 Colin Günter finished his master thesis on Haiku’s WLAN stack. His work was supported by Haiku users with donations to Haikuware’s bounty program. After his move to New Zealand he didn’t find the time to prep the documents for publication. But now it’s finally done and available at a GitHub repo.

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Has this been translated yet?

Unlikely. All links are dead (including the ones not marked dead) so this as dead as a mouse can get.

What do you mean? The news page has working links for the master thesis and network init PDFs.


You (or some one) must fix addresses:

It was fixed sometimes ago:

It seems to be a Discourse issue.
In the blog post the links are shown as https://www.haiku-os.org../files/Masterarbeit.pdf while in the actual source, it’s /files/Masterarbeit.pdf, See here

The articles are imported only once in the forum system. They are never updated then. But forum admins can edit them. Maybe we should change this to have just a link back to the website in the post, instead of duplicating the contents?