Wireless Mouse and Wired KB not working

Hey all, my wireless Logitech mouse and Wired Keychron keyboard do not work under Haiku. They work fine under macOS and RISC OS with my KVM. I am using 64-bit release.

Logitech manufactures several mice with different technologies: Bluetooth, Unifying and Bolt.
Unifying works very well, I use two of them across all my computers (Mac and Haiku). Bolt should be ok too but I can’t confirm.
Haiku does not offer BT connectivity at the moment.
Which mouse you own?
Is USB working altogether in Haiku?

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I‘ve used a Logitech mechanical keyboard connected with bolt before, this works fine as it exposes as a usb device. You need to set up the connection on another device beforehand though.

Also confirming that Logitech Bolt works great on Haiku. I specifically bought a Logitech Pebble 2 Combo (comes with K380S keyboard & M350S mouse with Bolt receiver) to use with Haiku and Linux. Bolt receiver came paired out of the box, no setup was required to work with Haiku.

Looks like it’s my KVM. Plugged the keyboard and mouse in and they work. Weird because my RISC OS and Mac have no issues. Just the PC with Haiku. ¯_(ツ)_/¯

It is some timing associated with the KVM. Here the machine with Haiku works ok with the kvm, but on other machine ( Windows 7 ) the mouse works erratically. So, two mice on the desk. :slight_smile: