Wireless Firmware

Where do I find the instructions to install the wireless firmware?

The syslog shows that it sees my ipw2200 hardware, but the firmware is in a .gz file. After I unzip it the readme tells nothing about installing on a Haiku system as far as I can tell.

Where do the .fw files go? Is there a URL to instructions?

To install the firmware for Intel ipw2100, Intel ipw2200/2225/2915, Broadcom 43xx & Marvell 88W8335, you’ll need to run


For the ipw2100/2200, the files are provided with Haiku. To note, for the Broadcom 43xx & Marvell 88W8335 an active internet connection is required. Alternatively, one can build their own image and with the following line in their build/jam/UserBuildConfig
AddOptionalHaikuImagePackages WifiFirmwareScriptData ;

Binarys are here?

If someone has no Internet-connection he will be unable to use “installoptionalpackages”…

…so no way to get his network or wireless to work! Isn’t it?
Only way is to copy the files on a medium like an usb-stick or cd/dvd… but which files? If you use “installoptionalpackages” the installation is done by the scripts… so one doesnt know how to install the files without those scripts… would be good to have something like a:
“installoptionalpackagesfromfile or -fromusb” so one can choose the file from an usb/cd or dvd to install it without internet-connection on.

btw. the ipwproXXXX is included in the newer haiku builds… since 3 march 2010. So no need to install them.

better yet have a folder where it is understood that all packages are downloaded to … and just check there before downloading

people without internet access can just copy the file in there before hand…

I suppose the packages are currently downloaded into tmp?

Regular end-users should never be manually installing files from http://www.haiku-files.org/files/optional-packages/ , as the build system ensures the correct archive for that particular build of Haiku is installed. It’ll also create symlinks as needed.

Due to limitations in installoptionalpackage, it isn’t capable of installing WifiFirmwareScriptData. I’d rather not develop installoptionalpackage too much, as it’s more of a temporary fix until Haiku’s package manager is completed.

So, if you cannot build your own Haiku image with WifiFirmwareScriptData, here is where to download and copy the files for use with install-wifi-firmwares.sh

# copy these to system/data/firmware/broadcom43xx/b43-fwcutter/
wget http://bu3sch.de/b43/fwcutter/b43-fwcutter-012.tar.bz2
wget http://svn.haiku-os.org/haiku/haiku/trunk/src/system/libroot/posix/glibc/string/byteswap.h

# copy these to system/data/firmware/broadcom43xx/b43-fwcutter/bits
wget http://svn.haiku-os.org/haiku/haiku/trunk/src/system/libroot/posix/glibc/include/arch/x86/bits/byteswap.h

# copy these to system/data/firmware/broadcom43xx/
wget http://downloads.openwrt.org/sources/wl_apsta-

# copy these to system/data/firmware/marvell88w8335
wget http://www.nazgul.ch/malo/malo-firmware-1.4.tgz