Wireframe window move/resize possible?

Hi all,

Is it possible to have windows just showing the “wireframe” while moving or
resizing like windoze when you disable “opaque window move” and some user interfaces
on linux like fluxbox/openbox?
I’m currently running haiku on some low-end machines and virtualising through qemu (utmapp) on
macOS with M1 chip and when moving windows or resizing after a given size graphic glitches like
previous window position and content not automatically resizing happen.
I think Haiku is running great but this glitching is difficult to watch and makes the OS seem unresponsive.

Can something be changed for this?

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As a developer you can set the flag B_OUTLINE_RESIZE to your own app, but there is not a similar option when moving a window

You can modify the flags of window using ‘hey’


Hi zuMI,

Thanx for the info.

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