WIP - Few themes for Haiku, I'm working on

There is still work to do on these but I’m working on a serie of theme for Haiku most will be usable with haiku widget style for Qt. They are named Aurora, Dolphins, Girly despair, Golden gate, Grey canyon, Hawaii, In the cold, Ipoh, Melancholy, New Caledonia, Puerto Rico, San Diego and Too much sugar.
Also, in work but no preview yet, Birds of pray. It will be a set of themes aimed at developers to help to map colours for another toolkit or to catch misuse of colours in their apps or in others.

As new to the forum, I’ve only allowed one pic so here is a preview of San Diego.


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Restrictions lifted so here are some others


There has been work done on this already (decor themes), but looks ok :slight_smile:

About decorator or control look, I prefer to let that to users.
I would be more enclined to use them if settings were handled by ThemeManager but it doesn’t set all colours already…
I’ve seen a lot of screenshots of the forum among years but no themes ended in HaikuDepot.
The few existing have been made for BeOS or Zeta, some were even ported from win95 but none designed for Haiku.
So, as I’m doing this for me already, I thought that I could share some of them.
I discovered that things were not so simple and that it requires more attention that it seems. :grinning:

Well, for ZETA I created quite a number of icon themes, never checked on how this is done on Haiku :slight_smile:

Is there a way to transform Haiku into OS X? I’m just thinking about the OS X theme and the full Windows XP theme.

We have done this already!

Like for themes? No, there’s a leaked Dano version online (but I’ll have to find a link somewhere) that had a window decor (the Be name for a theme) called BAqua in its Screen prefs. For Haiku, it’s kind of itself really, there’s theme managers in the Depot but aside from like changing the colors, maybe a control look or something, I’m not sure how it could be themed. The Haki themes in the Hakilo repos by s40in might help with what you’re looking for maybe