Wine not installing (fatal error occurred)

Before I say anything, I am a computer noob so forgive me if this is a stupid thing to ask help for.

I’ve tried multiple times installing Boxedwine from HaikuDepot, on my main PC as well a vm. But it keeps giving me:

" Fatal error occurred while installing package boxedwine: Failed to download package haiku () "

And I’m stumped here.
The said “haiku” package in HaikuDepot is eternally stuck at the same percentage after this. I’ve given it a few hours too so I’m sure it’s stuck and not slow. I’ve also tried installing other packages and had zero problems whatsoever.

So, what to do? Is there a different way to install wine? Am I looking for wine in the wrong place? (since I’m just assuming that boxedwine is basically wine for Haiku) Is there a magic setting that can fix this somewhere?

boxedwine is not directly wine, it is wine in a linux emulation layer, and as such also slower than regular wine.

I‘d try to debug this by using „pkgman“ on the commanline to install it, it should give you more to work with.

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If there was, it would be nabled by default. Unfortunately, magic does not exist in our world :frowning:

Anyway, it seems several people are reporting problems with the package repositories and downloads randomly failing. I don’t think we have a good explanation why at the moment. It could be internet connectivity issues. It could be a driver network driver failing. It could be a problem in the way the repositories are hosted, or somewhere in the middle if some place on the internets is experiencing some traffic jam or so.

So you can try changing some of these parameters: in a VM, try using a different network adapter if your virtual machine software allows that (you didn’t say which one you use, we have guides for some eof them explaining this). On real hardware, try switching from wireless to wired network connection if you can (or the opposite way).


there is a regular wine build in the repo, but it’s currently FUBAR on the latest nightly apparently.