Windows Key for Mac?

As every good Haiku user knows, Haiku Alpha 3 introduced the new window tiling and stacking and all one must do is drag one windows over another while holding the Windows key and voila the windows snap together. Unfortunately I am running Haiku as a Guest OS on Virtualbox with the Host being a MacBook pro running OS X Lion. So I have not windows key and when I Googled Windows Key equivalent for Mac, the result was that the Apple Command key was the equivalent. But… the left Command key is the fundamental key for activating virtual peripherals like a mouse in Virtualbox. and when I use the right Command key, nothing happens. This may seem like a trivial problem, but I really would like to be able to use every part of Haiku.

But you can redefine the VB Host key to almost anything you want. If you change the VB Host key to right-CMD , left-CMD will become available for S&T

In VB, pick Preferences from the menu (NOT the Settings for a particular VM). Pick the Input tab, click on Host Key and then press the key you want to use.