Windows emulator

Is there a Windows emulator such as Linux mame/mess or can I run CrossOver under Haiku.

Thanks in advance.

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We have mame that can be installed …

But mame can not emulate Windows iirc

Hello. I don’t understand your question. You are looking for an emulator to run Windows (like Virtual Box)? Or you are looking to run Mame / Mess emulator in Haiku?

Since your question goes in 3 different directions you get 3 answers.

There is QEMU, Dosbox and bochs … none of which have acceleration so are only good for software > 20 years old.

Mame can be installed as well from the package manager HaikuDepot.

Crossover/Wine does not exist on Haiku but if you need office software LibreOffice and several others have been ported.

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Thanks to all for the requested help. I have run into a number of problems. I know my EEE PC 900 is a quirky machine and few distros run on it successfully. I cannot get into the boot manager using the . The screen display never shows the bottom of the desktop regardless of the resolution I set. I can’t open a console. Once the install is used from the USB stick I cannot use it to re-install. Anyway I burned a DVD and saving it for another day and decided to put the ptoject on hold until then.

Thanks again to all of you.

boot manager using what? if you put in your USB drive with haiku and boot… while holding the spacebar it should go to the haiku bootloader menu. where you can probably select a vesa resolution… the EEE PC 900 has intel 910 graphics which in theory should work fine…

I use a Lenovo x140e as a good Haiku compatible netbook. You may need to swap the wifi card to a compatible Lenovo alternative though to get wifi to work stable-ish.

this is the more similar to wine but dont work yet.

But hey you have native ports there in the haiku depot n.n try with retroarch or mame ports.

I remember that there was a wine for beos.

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Not that it really worked.