Windows 8 Server ReFS: a B(e)Fs copy?

In this link:

you can see ReFs is very similar to B(e)Fs that is it uses tables to memorize directories, files and metadata as B(e)Fs doess unsing a database.

There a lot of differencies too, as the Storage Spaces and the anti-corruption techniques, but in the end this thing could (maybe SHALL) be added to B(e)Fs, too.

Let’s consider this post as a think-thank for an ipothetic BFS 2, right?


For anyone who wants to dig deeper into BFS, here is some nice starting info:

And for info on NTFS there is more here: (down today to protest SOPA

That’s very interesting.
Does ReFS have any limitation on the amount of metadata that you can attach to a file? (BFS doesn’t, so the value of each file attribute can be as big as you want in size)