Windows 8 copy features (looks familiar)

Ok, so Microsoft is releasing a whole series of vids touting the new features of Windows 8…

here’s one on improved file copy actions:

Hey – putting several copy operations into a single dialog with multiple floodbars – who would have ever thought of that?
(um, Be, about 16 years ago). Well, at least they’re finally catching up.

Ok, we don’t have that “details” view where you can see the copy stats in a graphical display. It is slick, although it seems to be a feature that’s more “cool” than actually useful.

That last feature, the conflict resolution, is actually quite nice. The ability to see the list of conflicted files and pick and choose which one to use would be a very slick feature to add to Tracker. Of course, if you had hundreds (let alone thousands) of conflicts, then this wouldn’t be so nice – more like a nightmare. But for simple cases with only a few conflicted files, this would be a great feature.

It somehow seems to be a clone of the KDE copy dialog which offers the same featurerwise. The only thing missing is the nice file transfer graphic.

That could be. I’m not familiar with KDE at all. Does it have the “choose which one to keep” dialog for file copy conflicts?

Yes it has something similiar. Not so comfortable like the one presented for Windows 8 but it works quite nice.