Window Decor & themes

Such as BeOS R5 hidden window decor or WindowsXP themes and visual styles.

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Regarding “BeOS R5 hidden window decor” in your previous post. How exactly does that work currently? I didn’t know that was possible with BeOS. I would love to be able to tweak the look and feel a bit.


To change to a hidden decor you keep CTRL+ALT+SHIFT pressed and click on the BeMenu of the Deskbar. Then you’ll find an entry “Window decor” that offers the looks of BeOS, AmigaOS, MacOS 8 and Windows 95/98.
These decors are hardcoded so it’d be extremely difficult to further tweak them (I imagine a hex editor and lots of time could do it however…).

One more hidden feature: Again, keep CTRL+ALT+SHIFT pressed, click on the BeMenu of the Deskbar and choose “About BeOS”. Now there’s a bar with a rough approximation of your memory usage.


There will be support for different window decorations in R1, but don’t count on having full theming capabilities (almost certainly won’t be in R1, not sure about later releases).

Yeah, Windows XP themes exist since 2001.

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