Will we ever see a 3DmiX clone on Haiku?

I was kind of curious if we’ll ever see a 3DmiX clone on Haiku or are there some IP issues with even attempting such?


That was such a cool app


Wasnt it published as sample code?

Nope, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/3dmiX was never opensourced by Be, Inc.

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Does anyone have any connection with Benoit Schillings by chance?


Afaik He cannot relicense/share any Be assets.
Only Access can do it.

So if someone developed a clone of the app, it could violate some IP that Access Ltd makes claim to due to owning BeOS related assets, right?

It was cool, but kind of a toy. What’s really needed is a legitimate way to do multi-track audio mixing in Haiku.


I played in a rock band many years ago and had serious thoughts about using 3DmiX for mixing garage recordings. We had dedicated hardware (digital 8-track recording system, etc…) for doing such and thought that putting a computer in the mix was more of a hassle and opted not to go that route. But seriously thought of using my old BeBox for such occasions :sunglasses:


I’m working on a video editor (Haiku native) and use OpenGL GLSL for video effects and OpenAL for audio spatial 3D effects, and the GUI layout tool for audio positioning kind of resembles 3dmix. The output sound result is the same, so you could use it as a poor mans 3dmix clone. The sound bit is done (as is the GLSL code path), but this beast wont get released until the video editing GUI is done, and that will require a lot of finese. At this point, if you manipulate the raw JSON project file with a text editor, you can edit/create an output edited video file but without a GUI, it’s ridiculous. It will be ready for R1.


JSON is so much fun to work with. I developed a simple scrum report app last summer for use at work using JSON for storing the report data (in a file).

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The screenshot shows the current WIP status:

  • it can load files media files (video, audio, pictures), projects saved in JSON
  • edit media position on timeline (and resize each clip)
  • spatial effects (rotation, shear etc) via OpenGL, and colour effects using GLSL
  • spatial 3D positioning of audio clips hardcoded in JSON file (no GUI yet)
  • can load simple .GLTF 3D scenes and mix into scene

As I pointed out in my original post, the application can parse the JSON project file and create edited videos from it, however the GUI needs lots of work before I can release this. Should be ready when R1 is ready.

[EDIT] Having trouble posting screenshot …


Looks awesome and I look forward to its release! Maybe you could bang out a 3DmiX like app after :wink:

Woah! And the race is on! :grin:

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