Will there ever be an option for system wide (including bash) proxy resolution with authentication?

Only OSX and Windows AFAIK reliably flag system wide HTTP proxy changes, is this a feature coming soon to Haiku?

Each HTTP library handles proxies in its own way. We plan to have proxy support in our HTTP library, with system wide configuration. But this wouldn’t affect apps using curl, for example. “including bash” makes little sense, as bash itself has no network support. This has to be solved in a case by case basis, for each HTTP-enabled application, or at best, for each HTTP library.

A good solution would be to have a system wide configuration option which also sets the following environment variables globally:


These variables are used almost by any tool which supports proxies (like wget, curl, …) and also support basic authentication against proxies (e.g. export http_proxy=http://myuser:mypass@myproxy:8080). Apples OSX handles this in a similar way.


This is… incorrect. It conveniently omits BSDs, of which the Darwin OS, and subsequently Mac OS X, was built off of, which support this. As a mock command to demonstrate (with localhost and an FTP port 20; please do not take this literally), this could simply be done as: setenv ftp_proxy after which one could combine these environment variables in a program or script to achieve the desired effect. Last, but not least, that statement also conveniently forgets Gnu/Linux, in which you can put in a custom set of what you want inside /etc/profile.d, or do the above to perform said task as well… unless you’re referring to something else?

My apologies over this rant of sorts; just wanted to mention that in case anyone from around the net reads this particular thread in search of this topic. That said, the Haiku should hopefully have its own methods for this soon.