Will Haiku work on an HP 255 G5 Laptop?

I have an old HP 255 G5 laptop with an AMD E2-7110 CPU, embedded Radeon R2 graphics, and 4GB of RAM. Do you think it’ll work with Haiku?

You got the hw, use a bootable usb media and test it in live mode, takes just 10 min.


Or take a look at the hardware database and look if you hardware are listed.


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Seems as though the HP 255 G5 is completely untested.

My old laptop is completely uncharted waters for Haiku

Not clear to me if you mean that nothing works (assuming you tried), or just that you don’t find it in “known to work” lists?

If you tried and something doesn’t works… read:

If you haven’t tried… why not do so? Pretty safe to do from an USB thumb drive.


It’s not on the “known to work” list, and I plan on trying it