Will haiku support cf cards to install? and another question

so i was wondering will haiku be able to install on a compact flash card?

and im not able to get my railnk rt3062f to work.

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I’m sure that you can do that. As far as I’ve gathered, a CF card is just an IDE drive. So as long as your storage controller is supported, you should be set with that. I have CF cards on a promise tx2 for BeOS, and it seems like Haiku doesn’t support this storage controller. If Haiku can install on a regular drive in the computer that is in question, (storage controller supported) I am sure a cf card will work as well. IDK about pcmia adapters though.

Unsure about the wireless though. What model computer is in question?

I tried to install to a CF card once and it didn’t work, but that particular computer was very finicky about which cards it was willing to mount. IIRC I could install to it, but the BIOS wouldn’t let me boot from CF. You’ll just have to try it and let us know.

I have two bare-silicon Haiku setups. Wifi works on the i5, but absolutely not on the little Celeron. I got myself a standalone wifi extender, not this one, but the same sort of thing.

The interesting part is that it has two ethernet ports, so as far as my Haiku systems are concerned, they are on a cabled network. No fritzing about with passwords, it is just connected as soon as I boot up. There’s probably a throughput penalty. I can live with that.

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Yepp, what others answered it is true. A CF card interface is IDE/ATAPI if you use it in an adapter card to plug into an IDE slot for example.
Unfortunately only industrial type of CF cards can works as a boot drive - as it turned out years ago when I wanted to use old motherboards to boot from a CF.
On a forum and in some articles I got that info about normal CF cards those purposed to use to store pics and videos some element - I forgot what - is missing to use to boot from. Also important the adapter card as such converts fully the IDE interface from CF to the IDE port.
Basically possible but you have to chose from cards made directly to industrial usage as those exactly used to boot an OS from it.

Unfortunately I forgot the details - I investigated such boot opőtions about 2012-2015 when SSDs were equal storage capacity, but they seemed cheaper solutions ( but they were not with the rare good adapters).

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As far as ive tested the wifi adapter is seen but im unable to choose a wifi hotspot. As for the rest of the system is a dual Pentium 3 1ghz 4gb of ram ati readon hd 3650 and the compact flash is a 64gb with 160mb of data transfer speed the fastest one available the motherboard is a asus cuvx-d.

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I’m using CF cards, and have successfully booted a few different operating systems by just treating them as an IDE drive. A transcend 2GB, a few Sandisk Extremes, and a Lexar Professional. I haven’t run into that same issue, but maybe some CF cards that are older have a problem? None of the ones I have are industrial. I think they all run at UDMA 5.

Nice. That chipset isn’t on the BeOS ready list. That only goes up to MVP3 and MVP4. But maybe worth a try if you’re interested. Good luck with your Haiku project though.
What adapter are you using for the CF card?

startech sorry i thought it was scandisk the compact flash card is from scandisk.

Note: most linux distros don’t have any issues on installing on this rig, but freebsd and any linux distros like slackware but I realized lilo is the issue not my setup. And freebsd has the same problem with my wifi.

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You probably have the extreme pro then. I have the extremes. The speed doesn’t really matter for me because my IDE card is only 100MB/s,

Is this your board? I think that’s also 100MB/s. But I’m sure the extreme pro will work for booting the same as mine.

I’ve not used that adapter, let me know how it works out for you. If network speed isn’t a thing for you and you have USB 2.0 installed, I use this for Haiku and it works fine.

I have a setup with Slackware, Windows, and Haiku on it. I use the Haiku boot manager, and it boots the other two operating systems just fine.

Yeah that’s it, and yeah ata100 controller. Ill see if i can get it and thanks.

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My pleasure. Do you have USB2.0? IDK if you’ll have problems with the on-board USB, aside from the slow speed.

I do, it’s also a via usb 2.0 adapter so it complements the chipset. I also hope haiku works on this. I really like how fast haiku is and i have tried a different wifi card 3com and it works but it’s a bit slower so i wanted to use the railnk as it runs up to 300mb/s. I have a Pentium 2 233 i want to try haiku on too lol

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OK. The one I got is a low-profile one. Limited to 150Mbits and maybe not the best range, but it’s for a laptop so I needed low profile. You might be able to find a better one from this list.

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Thanks ill cheeks it out.:slight_smile:

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