Wifi 'symbol'?

I have Haiku using an Intel Centrino 100-N card and it works as far as scanning the networks and finding mine but when i click to connect it says no wireless connection symbol not found. I am assuming the driver works etc… so what is ‘no symbol’ ? . It connects fine with my other computer so no router/gateway probs. Any suggestions greatly appreciated, thanks, Brian.

Are you able to run wpa_supplicant? What Haiku revision + wpa_supplicant version do you use?

Don’t know how to access the wpa_supplicant. Usually click the top right icon and get the list of available networks which as i mentioned includes mine but doesn’t connect, only ‘wireless network not connected, symbol not found’. I don’t know what a ‘symbol’ is or it’s role. Also I’m using the same nightly on my other computer which connects no problem . I’m using rev. Walter 51696 x86_gcc2. I tried using ifconfig /dev/net/ralinkwifi/0 list in terminal but got no response. None of the listed networks from using the icon appeared. Thanks for reply, Brian.

Take a screenshot of that error.

The problem has gone. I connected via my phone and done a software update which I assume must have corrected it. Thanks for trying to help. Brian. (Still curious what ‘symbol’ refers to.)

Maybe there is a better explanation, but i was not able to find it.

That’s exactly it. “symbol not found” is not specific to wi-fi, but a generic error that happens when an application tries to load a library or add-on and can’t find the function it’s trying to use inside it.
A possible explanation is you had an old version of wpa_supplicant and a new version of Haiku, and they did not manage to talk to each other because the interface between them changed a little.