WiFi recognised but server not found

Dear Community

I have managed to install Haiku Beta1 onto a laptop. I connect to the internet via two phones, I do not use Ethernet. The wireless facility identified the two networks, I put in the password for each when prompted and there were no error messages. After starting the browser (the name of which I have forgotten), I typed an address, www.bbc.co.uk. But the error message is server not found.

Haiku is new to me. Windows is not. Please ensure that any instructions recognise that I know nothing about Haiku.

Any help appreciated

This is possibly due to a few bugs in our network & WiFi systems which were fixed since the beta. Try updating from the beta onto a nightly build.

This reply lacks detail for a new person such as me. However, this is what I did. I used my Windows machine and downloaded this file “haiku-master-hrev53047-x86_gcc2_hybrid-anyboot.zip”. I unpacked it to find an ISO file. I burned this file to a DVD. I read the information in the HTML file on thre DVD. It said “This is an installation disk for Haiku. Its contents is hidden from your operating system in a separate BFS volume. To install Haiku, you need to boot your computer from this disk.”

So am I supposed to reinstall over the current installation or does it somehow only install the bits it needs?
Should I use GParted again to blank the HDD before using this new DVD?

You don’t need to reinstall; you just need to switch repositories. See the “Nightly” section in the “Updating your System” guide, and run the commands shown there.