Wifi problems

Hi Samurai
my name is ilario and i live in italy i installed Haiku yesterday on my pc Fujitsu Amilo 8010 (intel centrino), i’m having some problems with the connection to the wifi network ie:
after installing “install-wifi-firmwares.sh” the hardware of the card is recognized but it does not find the wifi network. then i enter it manually network name and wpa2 password, but it still does not work saying that the network name or password it is not correct.
do i need to make other settings?
Also Haiku can’t find Bluetooth and SD drivers…

last thing: how to change the Read Write permissions of the “driver” folder

Thanks for the support

@ilario67 , your settings have nothing to do with the porting of the WASI standards of WebAssembly to Haiku.

There are other forum threads that have described similar results of yours and Bluetooth and SD cards are not supported yet. Haiku is still in testing so that shouldn’t be a surprise. Please post future questions with the “help” category in a separate thread from mine.

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I have moved the message to a separate topic.


Replace the wlan card or use a supported USB wlan dongle.

Haiku doesn’t support them at this moment.

You cant. Read the FAQ/User Guide, look for the keyword: “package management”.

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