Wifi problem


hi all,
i’ve install haiku alpha and now the beta version
with the first haiku i had internet connected, but now with the latest version…no
i tried to find the older driver but didn’t find it
i’m on an old eeepc with atheros
i would like to have the old internet driver who worked with r1 alpha 4 haiku’s version…
somebody knows where and how i can have this older driver?

OK OK I CAN ONLY CONNECT ON WIFI “open” with no password…some ideas?
impossible to connect to my wifi in wpa2!


Please retest under a nightly build; a lot of WiFi issues were resolved since the beta.


thanks i will try
but strange…it worked with alpha version and not with beta version
but thanks


so i’m trying to load nightly version.
easy to install but impossible to load after installation.
apparantly wifi devices work well with usb drive…