WiFi on Aspire One D250

I just started trying out Haiku because of my intrest of what BeOS was like. I burned the cd and booted it live on my Aspire One D250, everything works great except for WiFi. Any help for getting the wireless internet working?

WPA encryption is not working in Haiku yet, and WEP encryption is more of prototype than fully functional.

You can find out more in depth information here: http://www.haiku-os.org/guides/wifi

My WiFi is an Atheros card but I don’t know what model. Is there some kind of patch that will make wifi work on any card? I thought I read about a patch somewhere…

It entirely relies on what version of Haiku you are running. Wifi was only added around (or sometime after) christmas, so never appeared in the Alpha 1. If you wait until Monday, Alpha 2 will (hopefully) be released and that will have preliminary Wifi support.

Atheros chipsets were one of the first supported Wifi chipsets, so i expect they will be the most reliable. Good luck :slight_smile:

Alpha 2 will be released Monday? Thats pretty awesome 'cause I’m growing on BeOS and Haiku.