Wifi-install zd1211-firmware

I am new to HAIKU, need wifi, downloaded the driver zd1211 (known from linux), extracted it, and now:
how can I install it to HAIKU ?
the wifi-how-to-s in the guide does not solve the problem. I know that the zd1211 is not in the supported driver-list; but I would be glad if someone out there can give me a special how-to :wink:



You will not be able to install a Linux driver in Haiku. Haiku does not use the Linux kernel, it has its own kernel. From what I understand, wireless drivers for BSD have a chance of working if re-compiled on Haiku due to the bsd compatability layer in the network.

The hardware in question is a USB dongle. Haiku’s compatibility layer only works for PCI devices.

Making use of this hardware with Haiku is likely to mean many hours of work for someone experienced with device driver development. The topic poster obviously doesn’t know the first thing about device driver development so they’re out of luck.

before I posted on 2013-09-13 I had a lot of reading in HAIKU and the forum and elsewhere. The build-in ZyDAS USB is supported in the BSD-kernel under the name: zyd.4bsd.gz (in linux: zd1211) since version 7.
Why is it not found in the HAIKU-kernel when it relies on the BSD-kernel ?
sorry for this great OS. There are - I am sure - a lot of reasons for missing.

Because it’s not. There is compatibility layer for certain network drivers from BSD. You should ask developers why didn’t they ported existing usb-wifi drivers too.