Wifi doesn't work under 55092 build

Hello I’m running haiku build 55092 but I can’t get wifi working other then that it runs like a dream everything is super fast except web positive lol

Did it worked earlier or is it your first try to use Haiku on this hardware? So we man know if it is a regression, because there was some changes in the intel WiFi support.
Also this is not the correct place to report bugs, you should open a ticket at dev.haiku-os.org .
Do not forget to take your time to read the bug reporting guide in the user guide to know what info is required.

I have used haiku before but not in a long time I think I’ve used a stable build and it’s not a Intel wifi card I think it’s a nic one 300mbs a second with 2 antennas.

Hang on its a ralink tr3062f.

The same issue in official beta 2.

I assume you wanted to write RT3062F.
As i told, this is the wrong place to report bugs. Head to dev.haiku-os.org and create a ticket with your syslog, listdev info.


Okay, just a final note I tried installing freebsd and it does the same thing. So it’s a upstream issue.

My Intel 9650 (idualwifi 7260/0) wifi card was recognised and usable under hrev55078 but isn’t working under hrev55091. I’m not exactly sure of the wifi card model, listdev reports 9650 Jefferson Peak while the network app says idualwifi 7260.

You too huh?

So, did you report a bug? Otherwise, nothing will happen.


I just made one: https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/16951

I created a new account but I have no idea how to report logs

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Read the docs about this topic.

@lordmmx, ticket created https://dev.haiku-os.org/ticket/16958

I’d like to add that I’ve noticed some nice improvements with WebPositive. Staying logged in, more web pages loading properly. The work hasn’t gone unnoticed :smile:


@lordmmx do you have a log file when Haiku isn’t seeing your wifi adapter? It would be located at /system/var/log/syslog. Somehow, miraculously, the wifi card started working for me with hrev55099, and I haven’t found the previous state on my machine with hrev55091.

The changes have been removed in hrev55102 until further investigation of the problem can be done.

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Hi I like to apologize for not responding to the support ticket I made over a month ago I figured since there was talk about ditching 32 bit iso that it wasn’t worth trying to get wifi to work on my dual pentium 3 setup.

What? There are no plans to drop 32bit support currently.


There was a suggestion on dropping it.

People can suggest a lot of crazy things, that does not mean we will listen to them.