Wifi does not work

i am using asus usb-n13 adapter and os does not see it
help plz

Post the output of the “lsusb“ command (run it in the Terminal and copy-paste it here) while the dongle is connected.

And make sure you are not virtualizing Haiku (eg. Not running in Virtualbox, qemu, vmware, etc).

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There seems to be several versions of this dongle,
first is using Ralink chipset (N13 rev A1 → RT2800usb)
laters are using Realtek chipset (N13 rev B1 → RTL8192CU, N13 rev C1 → RTL8192FU). I’m not sure that we handle them all.
USB WiFi is still experimental, so don’t expect too much.

i think its realtek one

Output of lsusb command will tell you but since it doesn’t appear in Network applet I would also bet for last version N13-C1 with a Realtek 8192FU.

what then
can someone help?
it is n13-c1

Unfortunately Haiku doesn’t have manpower or time to develop their own USB WIFi drivers. So drivers in Haiku are those from FreeBSD or OpenBSD used with a compatibility layer.
If it doesn’t work there, it won’t work with Haiku.


im sad
(by the way: linux has some for my wifi, but dont send me to there, i like Be more)

Have a search of this forum. Some reported success with USB WiFi adapters that are very affordable.

Open the Terminal and type lsusb at the prompt, and copy the output, then paste it into a reply on this thread.

That’s the only way we can help you solve this issue; we need to see exactly what it is we’re dealing with.


i already said

it is n13-c1

why ask twice

because the ouput of lsusb gives more output than that string :slight_smile:


well my wifi adapter chipset is realtek RTL8192FU