Wi-Fi auto connect after boot

I am very happy that Wi-Fi ac is working now in beta 4, and it works stable. After every boot up, I click on my Wi-Fi network and connect to it. I wonder if there is a way to auto connect to my home Wi-Fi. Just for convenience.

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This is a known bug. It works under some circumstances, but as far as I know the cause of the problem hasn’t been found yet.

See #10162 (WIFI doesn't automatically connect) – Haiku for details

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Most of the times, it works for me.
Once you have successfully connected once, i.e. the your password was accepted and added to Haiku’s keystore keyring, you can try two things:

  1. create the text file /boot/system/settings/network/wireless_networks manually (which AFAIK should have been created when selecting your wifi from the Network preferences, but maybe wasn’t).
    In it, you enter: network SSDNameOfYourWifi

  2. If that doesn’t work (after a few reboots) try to put this line into your /boot/home/config/settings/boot/UserBootscript:

    ifconfig /dev/net/iprowifi4965/0 join SSDNameOfYourWifi YourSecretPassword

Worth a try. Good luck.


Sadly none of that works. I used my Wi-Fi card “idualwifi7260/0” but nothing happens after a reboot. I have to connect manually.
It’s not a big problem, just a try. Thank you.

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Just like you none of the above mentioned by humdinger worked for me, so i tried the following and it worked.
Create the dir /system/non-packaged/data/user_launch.
And copy and paste this text to a file

job ifconfig {
	launch /bin/ifconfig /dev/net/YOURCARDNAME/0 join SSDNAME PASSWD
	requires x-vnd.Be-TSKB

save the file and name it for example “ifconfig” then put it in that newly create directory, this worked for me.
Don’t forget to change YOURCARDNAME with your actuall card name and PASSWD with yours and remove the file /boot/system/settings/network/wireless_networks, because it interferes when connectig this way, hope it’ll help you.


@khallebal thank you for this tip. But this does not work either for me.

same for me :frowning:

Following humdinger’s directions, if you have tried and the network does not come up, it could be that your network card is still initializing. Try this in the UserBootscript:

( sleep 10; /bin/ifconfig /dev/net/YourWirelessDevice/0 join SSDNameOfYourWifi YourSecretPassword ) &

Choose the sleep in 10 second increments like… 10, 20, 30, etc…

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I have the same “problem” with my system. Not a major but a bit irritating. When I select my network id it works 100% of the time (since beta 4) and the connection is stable once connected. Have tried with two different PCI cards, same result.

It seems that the interface must be set up before call join.
If I add the up command before join one, the network dialog for SSID popups at boot with params from join command (SSID and password), but the field security is set to none :-/ so i have to select WPA and click OK…
Is there any option to “ifconfig join” to set the WLAN security mode ?

This work for me… thank you :slight_smile:

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Now it works - for short time.
It connects but after a few minutes the connection is lost and new connection cannot be established. I deleted this command and connect manually. It works stable again.

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Mhhhm. Now it seems to work. Very nice. :smile:

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Updating the userbootscript with the sleep included was a success. It now connects automatically on boot. Many thanks! :slight_smile: