Why you use another os?

Not me. I am running emulators inside Haiku on real hardware, mostly for Haiku kernel code testing.


Epiphany already exists and works very good. Definitely better idea then using smartphone for web browsing.


Epiphany works almost fine for me with GitHub (crashes sometimes, but recoverable and not critical). Sending comments, attaching files is working.

Are sure that these screenshots are from linux? linux is only the kernel of GNU/linux distributions, I doubt that there are so many pics of that here. 99% of the rest is open source and usable by any other OS. And yes, that includes Haiku.
As it still lacks of software designed specially for it, Haiku is running a lot of software that are coming initially from other open sources platforms. Simply to allow people to work. Haiku is indeed able to run most of Qt apps, KDE apps and, now thanks to devs hard work even GTK apps. Lot of screenshots that you see on this forum are from people porting these apps to make them available on Haiku.

This said, when running Haiku, there are some screenshots that you can’t do without help of a virtual machine. For example, notifications will disappear as soon as you hit the PrintScreen key. In some cases, taking a screenshot from an alert would be a chicken and egg problem since you have to close it before… For some other captures you sometimes even need a phone like for the debugging land or the bootloader.

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