Why the new linker

I’ve been thinking about developing some part of Haiku for some time now, but wish to know, why the new ld? What was wrong with the old one? Why the change? etc.

I realize that this has probably been discussed before but I can’t find it. So, would someone tell me why or provide a link to the answer/discussion please.

EDIT: Re-reading this post I’d like to mention that this is just a curiosity, nothing else.

Otherwise the libroot.so won’t link.

MYOB wrote:
Otherwise the libroot.so won't link.

Um, why?

To me when I read on bebits (http://www.bebits.com/app/3224) that you need the linker from Dano but the headers, etc from the stock BeOS that brings a logical question to me. And telling me that it won’t link otherwise is - IMHO - non-responsive.

So, do you (or anyone else) care to shed some light on this?