Why should I switch from Ubuntu to Haiku?

Hello the Haiku forums, I recently came upon your (seemingly) wonderful OS from an xkcd comic (I forget which one, or I would post it). I’ve been reading around, and Haiku seems amazing, but slightly unstable. So I’m wondering if the users on this forum could possibly tip my scale in either direction.

To help you, this is what I do on my laptop:

-Code in C/C++, Java, and occasionally python.

-Browse the web

-Do homework and the such

So based on that, what could sway me into installing Haiku?
I understand that people on this forum might be biased, but I just want your opinion.

Thank you

I apologize for double posting, but:

I’m fine with bleeding edge software as long as it works.

You should switch if you like it and it meets your needs !. If it doesn’t fulfill either of those, then no point in switching IMHO.Haiku could use more developers, this much is certainly true, and we welcome anyone who can write code !!! apps apps apps apps apps.

Pe is a fiarly powerful text editor. It you aren’t doing heavy presentation work it should be suitable for text based homwork.

Also it has guetenprint, connects to many USB and network printers.

If you like it, use it. It if meets your needs, use it.

There is no HTML5 video support or flash support so you wouldn’t be watching videos as you browsed the web.

I believe there is minimal cli java support… no full jdk though sorry.