Why aren't the packages visible?

The following addresses do not show the haiku packages files.

" https://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/x86_64/current/packages/ "

" https://eu.hpkg.haiku-os.org/haikuports/master/x86_gcc2/current/packages/ "

Releases the message: 403 Forbidden

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You can find the list of Haiku packages at Haiku Depot Server

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To cut down on http scrapers. We get a lot of random bots scraping our repos when we leave indexes on which eats up bandwidth which could be better spent mirroring to mirrors via rsync.

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Thats a bummer, I used them quite often.

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Hm. If there is a good use-case I don’t want to block it from functioning either. We have around 250 GiB of haikuports packages that bad bots were randomly scraping on a loop and raising our bandwidth usage.

Do you have some details on the usage cases @Diver ?

I’d occassionaly grab older packages by navigating Haiku Depot Server, since HaikuDepot does not have the facility to list/retrieve older versions. Software ships with bugs so going back a couple of versions isn’t such a rare user behaviour. Also, SoftwareUpdater is all or nothing, we still cannot manually select what to update unless we use Terminal based pkgman.

Is that a valid use case?

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Maybe I’m wrong but, I think that if you move a package to your /home/config/packages directory, it won’t be updated by SoftwareUpdater.

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Do we have a robots.txt at the root?

Nah. I can try adding it, but the user agents at the time were identifying as Internet Explorer. Bad bots don’t care about robots.txt :slight_smile:

So. we really need better tools for managing repos and packages. (something like aptly for haiku comes to mind)

My wish list includes server-side:

  • de-duplication (might be limited though in benefit)
  • package version tracking
  • supporting cold object storage for old versions of software
  • haikuporter buildmaster using s3 for storage
    • This one almost needs a complete rewrite around haikuporter buildmaster. The code is heavily dependent on local files. I think if we could develop something to manage / goom repositories via rest api calls, that haikuporter buildmaster should interface with it directly.

Several of the above depend on native support for our hpkg’s and hpkr’s. I can write various server-side tooling in rust to do all this stuff… but have to get Alex von Gluck IV / hpkg-rs · GitLab functioning before any of it happens.

If anyone knows rust and wants to help out parsing hpkg files and hpkr files in it… PR’s welcome :slight_smile: Our only native code for managing hpkg / hpkr files is HaikuDepot (java) and the package kit.

I’ve seen robots.txt do miracles before, so I think it is a very cheap thing to try.

What would also be helpful is that “any” architecture packages are only built once and then used for all architectures. But I suppose this would be part of the de-duplication part. This would certainly help for big packages like texlive (see don't package all of texlive in haikuports · Issue #6771 · haikuports/haikuports · GitHub)