Who's actually maintaining Sum-It nowadays?

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I just finished reporting a couple crashing bugs at the sf.net site before I noticed it said the project is inactive, and that the dates
of other bugs were quite old. One e-mail I tried at http://sum-it.sourceforge.net/ so far bounced, and was just wondering if I should have
reported the bugs elsewhere, or what the status is. I’ve previously reported bugs on dev.haiku-os.org for apps I find in HaikuDepot, but
they tend to forward me elsewhere, which is why I went looking for Sum-It’s own site first this time.

It seems that the source has moved :

I wish the new Package management system had a field to list the app’s bug tracker.

Anyway, search for “issues” on the page that bbjimmy linked to.

Kevin, It would be nice if you fill bug reports here:

Could you try OpenSum-It version with fixed find (link below) and confirm what bugs that you mentioned are fixed, then i’ll submit changes to OpenSum-It repo.

(build on HAIKU hrev46791 x86 GCC 2 Hybrid )

Thanks for the pointers. Yes, it would be good for HaikuDepot to facilitate that.

I tried the new version, and at least on hrev46756, it does the ghosting and crashing thing with the simple a, b spreadsheet. Do I need a newer nightly or something?

If you install haikuporter it is in there and seems pretty stable.

64 bit fixes:

Maybe move SumIt to HaikuArchives?


Each package has a “homepage” link. Normally that should be enough, and it’s difficult to be more specific because not everything has a bugtracker.