Who uses yab?

I will update yab soon, but I was asked if I could delete the old Libyab versions.

In general, I’d say yes, since lelldorin and I can easily customize our programs.

I’m asking because I don’t know who else has bound programs or created them with the Buildfactory. I would make the old libyab versions available in separate packages in our repo so that these can be installed afterwards.

Regards lorglas

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I do not use the build factory any more, so i have no problem with it.

One should not delete a library that compiled packaged programs depend on. If the new library is compatible than a link to the new library in stead of both old and new librarys is in order.

The question is how the old packages are built and whether several libraries can be present in parallel.

If the old packages are linked to a specific version of yablib, this would also be pulled, if available. But presumably >= is specified and then the current one is always drawn?

The question is, do the developers of yab programs update their programs to the latest version of yab and if so, how. Use the Buildfactory or the Bind function or finally set the yab program as executable and you’re done.

I know that lelldorin and I each do. I don’t know about bbjimmy, hence the question.

Furthermore, if it continues like this and you release more versions, there would be a huge pile of libs that would then be under System/libs. It would be nice if the number of versions of libyab could be kept small.
One consideration was to reduce the lates and offer them separately for download. Or any developer could adapt their packages accordingly and install the old libyab as well.

p.s. It is not a judgment on my part as to whether this is bad or good.