Who is Joe User? | Haiku Project

A couple of articles I just read (here and its rebuttal) are written by Linux users about why Linux is the best and how to get a regular person (hereafter referred to as Joe User) to start using Linux. To save you the time of reading the two articles, the first is entitled “Understanding the Common User: Everything should be as simple as it is, “ by Keyto. The article is partly about how a Common User thinks, but primarily that quite a lot of the problem with Linux is the current users – geeks who have trouble relating to Joe at Joe’s level of expertise instead of the geek’s level. The rebuttal “Get Real or How NOT To Convert Your Grandma to Linux,” by Karol Trojanowski, advises that Linux users shouldn’t try to “convert” everyone and why. A quote from the article describes Linux perfectly: “A wand does magic in a wizard’s hand. Otherwise, it’s just a stick.” All too true. Many of the problems that Linux advocates face are the same ones that BeOS proponents struggle with. The first step to effective persuasion is understanding the audience, so who exactly is Joe User, anyway?

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