Which NextCloud server?

Would you recommend any particular NextCloud servers and for why? Are the free ones a good idea? I’m leaning towards Disroot…

Disroot is a good option to get started if you don’t need a lot of storage.
I also have an account there,I think they’re trustworthy and they offer a lots of other free services (which you support by buying a Cloud subscription).
If you need a lot of storage for cheap prices,I can also recommend Hetzner,one of the biggest datacenter operators in Germany (where I also have some dedicated servers)
Their Storage Share is literally Nextcloud with their own branding: https://www.hetzner.com/storage/storage-share/

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I’m using pCloud. Works fine and it was cheap (lifetime subscription with a black Friday discount).

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Is pCloud using the NextCloud software?
Looking at their website, it seems they’re doing their own thing, but I may be wrong